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About Us

Indore Diocese Social Service Society (I.D.S.S.S.) is a registered Social Organization under Madhya Pradesh Societies Act 1973, having FCRA, 12 A and 80 G Certificates. It is the Official Social Action Body of the Catholic Diocese of Indore, started in 1981. The registered office of IDSSS is at Indore. IDSSS is mandated to facilitate community development programs with the support of donor agencies either from India or Abroad, to raise Resources. It also Collaborates, associates and builds strong mutually beneficial networks with likeminded Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Government Agencies for the betterment of the society at large. The participatory functioning of IDSSS is guided by its vision and mission based on gospel values, under the guidance of the Governing Body and the Project Selection and Monitoring Committee. 



Registration no.



Society under Societies Registration Act



Registration under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 1976



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- Under Section 12 A



- Under Section 80G



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BPL100567 A


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AAAA 10298 P

Thrust Area:

The Main Focus of IDSSS is to improve the quality of life of marginalized communities and vulnerable sections of our Society in the remote areas and slums of Indore, Dhar and Dewas Districts, covering 270 Villages and 40 Slums. The focus Groups are Women, Children, Differently Abled, Sick and abandoned people and PLHAs. We promote environment regeneration, livelihood Support, Peace Building, Gender Equality, Education, Health Services, Capacity Building, Community Mobilization and Local Self Governance. 

Major Interventions:

  • Empowering and enhancing the skills and capacities of the local community
  • Gender and development
  • IGA initiatives
  • Education- (formal & non- formal)
  • Health care services
  • Agriculture/Environment & conservation of eco-system
  • Good governance
  • Networking & linkages
  • Social campaigns