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Highlights of the year

Mega Rallies on protection of womens right: IDSSS organized a mega rally on protection of womens right with the active participation and collaboration of the Indore slum women, NGOs, SHG women, local authorities and well wishers. Approximately 2500 women collectively gathered to raise their voices against atrocity and violence of women. They strongly appealed the local authorities for the protection and dignity of women.

Sensitization on FRA (Forest Right Act): IDSSS is constantly focusing on land entitlement for the small and marginal farmers of our 210 targeted villages. In this regard we have conducted plenty of awareness programmes on Forest Right Act 2005, Nukkadnatak, puppet-show, exchange visits etc. It has created wonderful impact and as a result about 250 farmers have filed the application for their land entitlements.

Networking and linkages: On the special occasion like AIDS Day, TB Day, Disabled Day we took lots of initiative to create awareness programs among the people through puppet shows, Nukad Natak and IEC materials etc. We are happy to see the response of surrounded local NGOs and government officials, who actively involved in such events and fully support the social cause. This year IDSSS takes pride in collaborating and networking with 22 NGO’s, health department and local administration and involve them in one common platform.

Achievements of the year

  • 58 CBOs formed during the reporting period and 884 people are directly involved in the project activities.
  • 452 beneficiaries have received different skill development training like organic farming, functional vocational trainings, PRI, leadership development etc.
  • 250 unemployed youth received training on livelihood support for self employment
  • 1061 household received  benefits from various government schemes
  • 240 members were linked with various Income Generation Activities.
  • 1590 dropout children were given special classes to regularize them for attending formal school.
  • 1706 patients from the target villages and slums were given medical check-up & treatment.  23 major operations costing about Rs.805000 have been done at concessional rate with minimum expenses. Supporting 66 disabled children for education, physiotherapy and counseling and guidance.
  • 60 land entitlement cases in target villages have been taken for processing and submission to the Panchayat and 42 members received land patta.
  • Developing 200 kitchen gardens with 5000 saplings for environment and eco friendly activities