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Achievements of the year

  • More than 50% people of target villages are ware on forest right Act and procedure of individual claim.
  • Traditional agriculture and practices have been orientated to 175 farmers to promote organic farming. 6 farmer core teams were formed to promote traditional agriculture and practices. They will further share their learning and technical knowledge to other farmers of the village.
  • Village Action Team has been formed in 20 villages for successful implementation of the project and Village action plan has been developed through participatory rural appraisal by people.
  • Orientation and awareness are being given by different trainings according to the 7 intervening sectors in the villages to create peoples participation in the program.
  • 32 GCS banks are formed
  • 336 farmers have adopted maize cultivation as Primary crop.
  • For the promotion of the Organic farming 50 Compost pits Prepared for making sustainable cultivation. 
  • 100 families have started organic farming and make a link with market to sell the productions.
  • 15 NTFPs collective groups started to collect forest productions and have been linked with the forest department and TDF
  • Various maize food products and processing trainings were conducted and 53 men and 143 women have learned food processing system of maize
  • Mobilized the communities to promote and secure people rights & access to safe drinking water and Created awareness on WASH security amongst community and generate demand for their rights.
  • Under the Child Focused Community Development project we organized ANC/PNC Care and conducted medical camp at Pondi & Khad-deori. We Formed 4 Tuition Centre for the development of the children.  Various training programme organized for Youth Club formation, Formation of Farmers’ Club and women empowerment.
  • Ensuring quality education of Baiga children maintained a good network with local education department and started to providing awareness in the community about RTE. Developed Glossary in local language through the help of community and school teachers.