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Highlights of the year

  • Formation of 40 women organization (BPL) and 10 groups of males been organized.
  • Training on Organic farming, mixed and crop diversification. 1500 farmers were orientated for using organic practices in their respective fields.
  • Two camps and Village level awareness programs in 35 villages where around 65000 people got benefit.
  • Rally at 4 places for increase participation in gram sabha.
  • Linkages with Panchayet, Government departments and NGOs.
  • Staff capacity building programs-12 trainings on issues like PME, RTI, FRA, PESA Act, Community organization, Land and water conservation, promotion of organic farming, micro planning, income generation programs etc.
  • Pragati publishes yearly annual report.

Achievements of the year

  • SHG got revolving fund worth Rs. 415,000/-.
  • Around 1500 farmers were orientated for using organic practices in their respective fields.
  • Around 65000 people got benefit from the rally program.
  • RTI Filed 50, members come to know the process for filling the application and got the needed information from the respective departments..
  • 376 beneficiaries were benefited by the schemes of PDS, MDM, ICDS and other social security schemes.
  • Applications submitted 165 for land entitlement under FRA.
  • Training conducted 15and around 450 community members participated and of which 40 people put demand for work under MNREGA.
  • Constructed 9 water tanks and 2387 people receive benefit under the same.
  • 25 youths successfully completed the motor winding training.
  • 193 farmers adopted practice of kitchen garden.
  • 60 beneficiaries adopted the practices of mixed cropping and Organic farming.
  • Developed 5 Micro- plans for five villages, submitted to gram Panchayat and got approval.
  • Successfully completed the Social audit in two villages-Karamdiya and Amba.
  • 7 groups got enrolled for Mid-day-meal,
  • 71 people got pension benefit, 10 girl children were enrolled in Ladali Lakshmi yojana.