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On Community Mobilization: With the help of NABARD we had given workshop and trainings to the people and Formed 160 FCs and 12 SHGs and linked with  NABARD

On Health: Maid good linkages with the block health departments and the Village Health and Sanitation Committees and 165 VHSCs had linked with government health related schemes. We Organized 6 health camp and 3 medical camps.

On Mother and Child: organized various programmes like pre and post – natal check up, counseling for pregnant women etc. in 50 villages. Around 1000 women get benefit under the programme.

On T.B. Awareness: Axshya Project is running in 50 villages of Sagar District. Under the project we conducted various activities in collaboration with health departments of the local areas for providing awareness about the TB and DOTS.

On Capacitating Health Workers: We capacitated AWWs, ASHA and ANMs (health workers) of the villages in collaboration with MPSSS-CHAMP program. We had closely monitoring and implementing the ICDS programme.

On Social mobilization: We conducted 4 rallies, 6 Voluntary services centers, 69 training and campaigns and 24 awareness programs during the last year and 600 people directly linked with the programme.

On Child and Women welfare: We provided various intervention programmes related Child and Women welfare. Around 200 families benefited under the programme like medical cases, shelter cases, home return cases, emotional support case, labour cases, and child marriage cases Etc.

IGP: 75 new families started some income generation programme and the living standard of the people has increased. 

Slum education: started 5 education center in different slums and 50 children were getting benefit from the school.

Jail program: Organized Motor winding and House wiring training in Central Jail Sagar with the collaboration of NABARD, Bhopal. 30 prisoners completed the training programme.