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Profile of the Organization

Vision: Build up human communities where all enjoy equal rights and opportunities, permeated with the values of peace, harmony, concern for environment and sensitivity to the needy.

Mission: To empower people, especially the marginalized sections of the society, by restoring their human dignity and enhancing their capacities


  • To make the means of livelihood available to all people of the area by enabling them to make the best use of their own resources and the resources of the government.
  • To improve the health of the people with special focus on women, children, the disabled and PLWHA by creating awareness  and enabling them to access govt. health facilities and schemes
  • To prepare people for demanding quality education and  rights from the state, especially for girl children, the disabled and working children as well as to enable them to access educational facilities and schemes, especially of the government
  • To create awareness about environment among all sections of the society and to educate them on the preservation and management of the natural resources (air, water, soil, forest and animals).
  • To empower women for equal rights and opportunities and to educate the community about the importance and benefits of gender equity.
  • To promote peace and harmony among different communities by educating them for accepting and appreciating pluralism in terms of religion, culture, language etc.