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Highlights of the year 2012-2013

  • Organized one each womens day programme at Ujjain district and Organized Madhya Nished Divas
  • Awareness programme on to control the use of Alcoholism
  • Organized world TB day 
  • Mukpradershni, interaction with newly wedded couples, seminar  with religious leaders and municipal cooperate and home guards were organized on topic of Save a girl child
  • Children s day was celebrated
  • Tobacco Nisedh diwas and Nasha mukti Diwas were celebrated
  • World AIDS day was celebrated
  • World TB day was celebrated
  • National youth day was celebrated
  • Organizational evaluation was done by Eternal experts
  • International day for senior citizen, Rashtriya Ekta Diwas and street wonders day were celebrated  

Achievements of the year 2012-2013

  • 296 self help groups were formed in this reporting period. Total saving in the group is 2168132/-
  • Formed 16 children parliament, 12 VDC, 22 youth groups and 23  Farmers group in this reporting period
  • Skill development training given to 603 people in the target group
  • 160 government schemes received during the reporting period and the total amount Rs. 3605880/-
  • 510 people from different villages participated in the gram sabha meeting of 26th January. As the result of gram sabha meeting concrete road was constructed in the surasa village from main road to till PDS. Scarcity of good drinking water problem solved at Kurchaniya Kala village
  • Started 165 new income generation programmes started in this reporting period
  • 560 village children are receiving nutritional supplementary food
  • 42 malnourished children were identified and treated in the NRC
  • 5 illiterate adult women were taught and helped to appear in the fifth class exam
  • 1389 children in the rural area were given special tuition
  • 50 child laobour children were taught in the child labour school
  • 29 mentally and physically challenged children were helped to get their social security schemes