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ASHA NIKETAN WELFARE CENTRE BHOPAL Major Activities and Achivements

1). Empowerment of the Marginalized: -Awareness building and animation activities, Community Development Programmes, SHGs, Federation, Cooperatives, Village Development Committees, Farmers Club, Village Education Committee, INRM Committee, Child Parliament. 

2). Health: - Community Health Programmes, Mobile Clinics, Helath Awareness village Camps, Training for Health Committees, Formation of Health Committees, Community Care Centre for People Living with HIV/AIDS, RNTCP Programme. 

3). Education:- Non formal education, Adult literacy programme, Tution classes for weaker students of school going.

 4) Community College : - Health Assistant, Computer Hardware, Beautician courses. 

5). Environment: - Integrated Natrual Resource Management.

 6). Livelihood Programmes: - Training for CBOs on livelihood skills, off farming and on farming programme.

 7). Emergency Response and Management.