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Non-Alcoholic Village

Through women intervention village Banar Declared as Nonalcoholic Village

Village Banar Situated 12 km from Karahal Block where all the community belong to ST community. 12 families are  living their lives by making local Alcohol and whole  villagers was buying the alcohol from those family, even adjoined villagers coming to buy  the alcohol from Banar village. There were fight everyday among the villagers due to taking alcohol. Due to which the people from the village were not in peace.

The SHG of Banar village had meeting several times to reduce making alcohol but no one was listening. In the month of August During SHG meeting the leaders of the villagers were invited to solve the problem and it was decided to organized community meeting for raise the issues. Hence, on 17th and 18th August continuously they discussed and as a result the 12 families were accepted not to prepare Alcohol. It was told if they prepare again, the community will put FIR in Police station also Rs. 500/- demanded as punishment.   

10 leaders from Banar village were identified to formed inspection committee. Thy made an application where 10 leaders name were mentioned also about the reason of forming committee and 22 August, 2017 submitted to the Police Station in Karahal Block. Police cooperated with the team and also assured them to do the inspection who will be drinking in future.

At present in banar village no one is drinking or preparing the alcohol. The drinkers who were coming to fight or take the alcohol are stop. Now there is peace among the family and community. Women expressed gratitude because men are helping or collaborating in home work giving sufficient time to their family.