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Farmers Dream came True

Situation in the Beginning: Daditola is a small village of Pindra Panchayat of Majghawan Block in Satna district. The village is situated 60 km away from Satna town. It consists of 50 residential families where most of them come under SC/ ST category. The main occupation of the villagers is farming. They have own land for farming but the scarcity of water is the main barrier for their financial development. Most of them are not willing to cultivate anything in their farm land due to the lack of water for irrigation. Many of the villagers are in huge debts due to the frequent agriculture production failures. During summer most of the villagers migrate to nearby cities or towns in search of manual labour.

Intervention Made: In the year 2015 PLDP team conducted community meeting in Daditola village and created a new group (VDC) to find solutions for the problems of the village.

At the initial stage there were 12 members in the group and the project added the children group members also with the VDC and now there are 15 members. The VDC conducted community meeting and have discussed the issue with the villagers and have decided to collect sacks from all the villagers to make the Bori bandhan in different parts of the streams in Daditola village. On 27/08/2017 the villagers came together under the leadership of Mr. Ramesh the leader of VDC and have made the Bori bandhan of nearly 200 sacks filled with clay & mud and by doing that the water runoff is reduced and people are getting water for the irrigation and for the animal husbandry.

Steps Taken: The VDC meeting found that scarcity of water for agriculture is the most urgent and it needs immediate attention and solution. By making the ‘Bandh’ have reduced the density of the problem and have improved the agriculture. The secretary of VDC Mr. Ramesh prepared an application and submitted to Gram Sabha conducted on 15th August 2017. But they do not get any support from Gram Sabha.

Hence, the VDC planned to collect 5 rupees from each individual and brought 200 bori and 45 members voluntarily worked to make this ‘Bandh’.

Present Situation: At present people of Daditola get sufficient water from the drain line for farming. The villagers have irrigated 15 acres of land and rest of the water they sold to other villagers for 200 rupees for one hour. This money is collected for buying a new motor pump which will be kept for the common use of the entire villagers. Thus they collected 8000 rupees and planning to buy a motor pump. “When Gram Sabha rejected the application for Bori bandhan we were really fed-up but the PLDP team of Samaritan Society encouraged us to stand together to solve the issue” says Mr. Premlal, one of the members of the VDC. “I used to go one kilometer to fetch water for our household use and now I get water in the drain line near to the house. After attending orientation on kitchen gardening by PLDP staff l started kitchen gardening near to house” Said by Mrs. Sunitha Adiwasi.

The situation of the village totally changed by this activity and people are confident

To take up any developmental issues by themselves. The project needs to wait till the crop cultivation to find out the production results.