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Electricity Issue solved by the community

Salient FeatureTawalpani village is located nearby the road connected Salwah to Bhanpur and from centre it is a 7 km comes under Ghughri block of Mandla district. More population of the village is scheduled tribe Gond and Baiga tribes.

Problem statement (what):  Due to the loss of the transformer, electricity was stopped for two months in Pipartola, Baherotola and Jhapatila Tolo of Tawalpani. Because of which there was a problem for school children unable to study at night, also due to forest area fear of going out at night.

The need of the community (why):

The problem was not for a day or two, but it was for two months. There was no action taken by electricity department after informing. Because of it people became irritate and had to take step for the problem.

Process (how) of intervention:

According to his discussion, 15 men and three women from three villages of Tawlpani village participated in public hearing in Mandla district on 19th September, 2017 and they submitted application to collector of Mandla District regarding the problem of electricity in Tawalpani. After taken action on electricity, within a week, electricity department came and reformed the transformer. Since then there is no problem of electric

Result (Qualitative and quantitative):

Because of the efforts of the people, today 56 families of three tolls are getting adequate power facilities due to which the school children are studying well.