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Smoother Transportation Facility

Salient Feature:  Saidwara village is located 5 km. far from main road Salwah to Dadhibhanpur comes under Ghughari block of Mandla district. More population of the village is scheduled tribe “Gond                                                                                       

Problem statement (what):  Saidwara village is located on  slope land and due to slope land people get difficulties to get water for domestic use. People have to go down for bath and other uses. The pathway that leads to the river was very rough and people had to face many problems.

The need of the community (why):

The problem forced people to think about the problem of waypath. No one wanted to happen with anyone in the waypath, especially those children who used to go for bath and other uses. They decided to do something on it. 

Process (how) of intervention:

Community under guidance of community leader decided to repair the waypath by voluntary work on 14th October 17.

On 14th October 17, one person of each house gathered early morning and started repairing of the waypath using their tools. They repaired 100 meter waypath.

Result (Qualitative and quantitative):

Now people are out of difficulties and 115 men and 120 women of village are benefiting by repaired waypath.