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Climate Change

Climate change refers to the varying changes in weather and weather patterns as noticed over decades and longer, and the effects of such changes. Climate change has been a growing concern for the entire world over due to its high acceleration. According to experts and analysts of the phenomenon, the change in climate that has become more noticeable with every passing year is much greater than the change expected as a result of natural activity and causes; and this accelerated change is mainly due to human activity. Climate change, therefore, covers the aspects of global warming, as well as all other activities that result in an increase in greenhouse gases, and the effects of this increase on the surface of the earth, as well as on groups and individuals.

Thus, the target community members under MPSSS facilitation started to think on it and even act on it. The communities are much aware of the ill-effects of climate change and they have initiated few measures to prevent it. The measures like

Ø   Reducing the uses of chemical fertilizers and going back to the traditional organic agricultural practices

Ø  Planting nature-friendly trees

Ø  Watershed measures to control the run-off water and increase the moisture

Thus, the target communities under the 9 DSSSs are contributing a lot to control the ill-effects of climate change.