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Livelihoods and Income
Generation Programes

MPSSS believes in simple things like transferring the knowledge of the community into innovative and sustainable livelihood methods to the poor and vulnerable communities, supporting them to gain access over land and livelihood assets and mobilising them through CBOs can ensure food security and improve their quality of life.


This is done through the following ways,


·         Facilitating linkages of communities with government welfare schemes and basic entitlements

·        Ensuring communities have access to Public Distribution System, Primary Health Centre and Nutrition          Rehabilitation Centres

·         Facilitating community asset creation for resilience building and self – sustenance

·         Ensuring adoption of Integrated Farming & Natural Resource Management through community participation

·         Forming and strengthening of community institutions for  sustainability

·      Promoting women as advocates of food and nutrition security for the community (through locally available produce & dietary resources and revival of traditional food habits)