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Role of Forum

Madhya Pradesh Samaj Seva Sanstha (MPSSS)


Madhya Pradesh Samaj Seva Sanstha (M.P.S.S.S) is the social face of the Catholic Church for facilitation, coordination, development, strengthening administrative and programmatic systems of institutions and people engaged in social work with non-profit motive in the region. It was constituted by the Bishops of Madhya Pradesh on September 25th, 1998 and was registered under the Madhya Pradesh Societies Registrikaran Adhiniyam 1973 with the registration no. 6387/98.


Role & Functions of Forum

l  Facilitating human resource development through appropriate trainings seminars workshops etc

l  Providing supports to DSSS and Non-Profit Organizations in Organization Development (Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, Documentation and Reporting)

l  Providing support to DSSS and Non-Profit Organizations in Resource Mobilization.

l  Supporting DSSS and Non-Profit Organizations in full-filling their legal compliance

l  Information dissemination among the DSSS and Non-Profit Organizations regarding development issues.

l  Facilitating Networking with Government and other agencies

l  Undertake experimental and research projects in view of Sharing, Learning and Developing innovative strategies and approaches.


To Sum up,


lSystem strengthening and organizational development support to all Diocesan partners and non-profit  organizations to meet all compliance criteria.

lInitiate and assist partners at all levels of Project Cycle Management (PCM) for thematic development

lCollate and interpret lessons learned, share among partners and network with members to widen the visibility  of church in action.