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Profile of the Organization

Vision: To promote a just society   where human values are nurtured, lived and dignity of the person upheld.

Mission: To uplift oppressed and weaker section through the process of empowerment and integrated them in the civil society


  • Empower rural folk to have a better self-image and to form self-reliant people's organizations.
  • Create economic, social and cultural equity among the rural community
  • Strengthen self governance.
  • Create health consciousness among the people.
  • Support education and development of children who are underprivileged.
  • Promote organic farming and natural resource management.
  • To animate, establish, consolidate, carry out, maintain and support, development and welfare activities.
  • To promote, provide, establish formal and non formal education.
  • To join, arrange, organize lecture programmes, workshops, camps, courses, conferences, seminars and exposure for promoting environment, women and child development and health care services.
  • To collaborate with government for eradication of dreaded diseases like TB, CANCER, HIV/AIDS etc
  • To take up the government developmental projects including soil and water conservation and render assistance during any calamities.