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Highlights of the year

Networking and Linkages with Government

KDSS has established good networking and linkages with the Panchatyats and district offices for tapping various government schemes.  First time the Gram Sabha was called by people and organized in Patakhali, Salai, Kalapatha, Sarmesar of Khandwa District and Chapad and Roshia of Khargone District.   Social Audit took place under PLDP target villages.  First time people had the agenda of gram sabha in their hand.

Public Hearing

The CBO members of Billenkheda, Bhojakhedi, Patakhali, Patelfalia, Salai, Ningi, Gajwada, Bhagwanpura, Pandhana, Chhanera attended Jansunvai for the first time and got their work done  .  The CBO members from  Nelwat, Bhikangaon, Jiravat, Loharia, Mehatyakhedi, Roshia, Somla and Chapad attended Jansunvai fro the first time.

Womens Day celebration

The International womens day was celebrated on 8th March in Khandwa in which around 800 women took active participation and shared their experiences and achievement through KDSS to the public.  The rally was also organized and the memorandum on women security was handed over to Collector of Khandwa. First time the rally was organized in Deshgaon where 300 women took part in. At the same time Salia, Gajwada and Eknagar village also organized rallies.

Achievements of the year

Good networking with Government.

Community introduced to Jansunvai.