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Vision Ahead - Farmers Initiative

Situation in the Beginning:   Mr. Davideen is a 45 years old farmer in the village Mahatahin of Nagod block. He has seven acres of land on his own name. His family consists of eight members including wife, four daughters and two sons. Nagod is located 30 KM towards west from Satna, and it consists of predominantly the backward community. The main income of the people of this village is agriculture. Though most of the people of this village have acres of land, it remained less-cultivable and less-productive and is seen like a forest which was filled with wild trees.

Mr. Davideen used to cultivate mustard at the corner of his farm land in a small area. And he noticed that the expense for the cultivation is very high and production low and every year he ended in debt. It made him to stop farming activities and his land became uncultivable and he lost the interest in farming.

Intervention Made: The intervention was started by the arrival of the PLDP team in the area and in 2012 the PLDP team started farmers club. Mr. Davideen also joined the farmers club along with other farmers of his village. “PLDP team trained us with the ADO of organic farming and on the preparation of land” says Mr. Davideen.

Steps Taken: The farmers were organized through Farmers Club community meetings and farmers club and the farmers were trained on organic farming and the cost effectiveness of organic farming. Practical training on the preparation of bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides were given to the farmers. The people in the community level meetings decided to practice organic farming methods with the help of the project team.

Present Situation: Mr. Davideen inspired through the training sessions by the PLDP team of Samaritan social service society started to practice the learned lessons in the farm land. He cleansed the farm land which was filled with wild plants and made boundaries with the stones. And in the first season he cultivated Chickpea by using the organic farming method. And he got 8 quintal of chick pea from the land and in the next year “I have used my whole of 7 acres of land for the agriculture and cropped paddy and Mung bean and I cropped 110 quintal of rice and 50kg Mung bean”. Says Mr. Davideen with a smiling face filled with thanks. With that he cleared all his debts and his 2 daughters were given in marriage and his younger son got admission in college.