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Construction of Platform for Community Meeting

Salient FeatureKerpani village is situated near Ghutas to Mawai Road and it falls under Dhananan Panchayat of Mawai block of Mandla district, 8 km away from the centre. This is the village of three hamlets, where the people of Gond, Ahir and Panikya are the resident. Village has one primary school and two anganwadi schools.

Problem statement (what):  There was a problem of place or home to arrange for a meeting of Panchayat or any organization in the Kerpani village.

The need of the community:

They had to sit under the trees or the courtyard of the surrounding people. Because of which some people were not aware of the meeting and places. Apart from this, this process had troublesome in rainy and heat seasons. They all decided to have a better platform where people would sit for meetings.

Process (how) of intervention: According to their discussion, 13 men and 20 women from each house prepared a platform by using local material under the banyan tree near main road Mawai to Ghutas on 18 September 2017.

Result (Qualitative and quantitative):

Because of the efforts of the people, today all meetings of Panchayat, forest department, NGO are conducting and giving benefits to the villagers.